Thank you for visiting Atomic Web Design. Based in Brussels, Belgium, we are a web development company using the latest programming technologies to create some of the best websites for online casinos. We use HTML5 and Ruby on Rails to create vibrant websites that can look fantastic on any device, whether it’s your tablet, mobile device, laptop, or desktop PC. How do we do this? We incorporate the use of responsive web design, which means that we begin by developing for devices with smaller screens to ensure that a website looks flawless on tablets and mobile devices before moving on to larger screens such as laptops and desktop computers.

What kind of websites do we create? We can create a full-fledged website for your online casino like the kroon casino that provides an interactive and highly engaging experience for your users and explains users how to play online gambling online. On these pages you can play a lot of different games, like slot machines. Here you can online dead or alive spelen and many other slots. We can also make your online casino accessible in multiple different ways including the ability to have it accessed as a mobile app. We can also create custom pages on your website like how we did the free spins no deposit uk page. Our goal is to ensure that your online casino is available to any user on any device as long as they have an internet connection to play against other users. This way, for example, one user who is using your online casino on his iPhone an play against another user who is using his Windows PC without any issues.

Another one of our specialties as an organization is online marketing. After developing your online casino, we can definitely help with attracting users to it in order to build an audience is that regularly active inside of your casino. We have multiple different programs for making this happen. One of our programs involves CPA or “cost per acquisition” marketing. CPA marketing is a highly effective means for building up the user-base for your online casino. With CPA marketing, you only pay for each new user that registers a new account on your online casino. To further make sure that you only pay for users that are likely to become active, you can create a CPA deal where you only pay for the acquisition of the user after they have deposited a certain amount of money into their gaming account. How much you pay for the acquisition and initial deposit of each new user is completely up to you and your budget, but keep in mind that this amount should be high enough so that it is worth it for freelance marketers to deliver new customers to your online casino. Typically, your best bet would be to pay the marketer a percentage of the new user’s initial deposit or perhaps a flat rate that is low enough to ensure that you don’t lose money, but high enough to ensure that the marketer can make money.

As part of our online marketing program, we also have an entire marketing team dedicated to creating ad copy, sales copy, landing pages, and online marketing campaigns. This team can really provide marketing services for your casino from A to Z. We begin by performing a thorough analysis of your online casino and what it needs in order to grow and develop a strong user-base. We ask you specific questions about what types of users you want to attract to your online casino and what kind if interaction you want those same users to have within your online casino. After we ask you these questions, which help us understand your wants and needs, we start our online marketing process. We find the proper online traffic source, which will help deliver more users to your online casino. This traffic source is typically either Facebook Ads or Google Adwords. Then, we create landing pages, ads, sales copy, and ad copy to help bring in new users that are likely to become regular users of your online casino. We obviously want your online casino to only attract users that are likely to sign up and stick around.

Our overall goal is to provide everything that you need to have your online casino up and running as quickly as possible. We want to ensure that your online casino is not only built to perfection so that your users are comfortable with using it, but we also want to ensure that your casino gains traction so that eventually you will have a user-base that is visiting your casino regularly and spending money.

Has mentioned earlier, Atomic Web Design is specialized in the online marketing of online casinos. However, we are also trying to expand our services within different markets and industries. With the help of multiple different programs, we are now able to reach the new market that we are interested in: the cryptocurrency industry. Click here to read more about it.