About Atomic

Our company began as a one-man operation where the founder, Mr. John Higgins, was working for an actual physical casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was in charge of developing and maintaining the casino’s website and internet presence even though the casino did not¬†provide a service for gambling on the internet. He thought this was a big waste of opportunity. He brought the idea of creating an online casino to the President of the casino, but he rejected it, thinking that it would be way more profitable to bring people directly to Vegas to gamble instead of having them gamble online. The President thought that having people come directly to a physical casino involves much more than just gambling. That is, someone who comes to Las Vegas is going to spend money on many things aside from gambling inside the casino. He/she will spend money on restaurants, a hotel, and pool parties. Mr. Higgins thought that the President simply wouldn’t understand. He was over 60 years old and was not part of the “internet generation,” which is constantly disrupting brick and mortar businesses and many other businesses to bring about a more efficient business and business model.

Eventually, Mr. Higgins began to work on developing his very own online casino on his free time and during his web development job at the casino. He was smart enough to get his work at the casino done fairly quickly, which gave him time to work on his online casino while on the job. His hours on the job were the typical 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and everyday he would finish all of the work at his day job by around 1 p.m. which would give him the freedom to secretly work on his online casino from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. and then until late at midnight once he got home. Eventually, he was fired from his position for his “lack of ability to stay on task while on the job,” but by that time, he had already nearly completed his development of the online casino.

He was well-prepared for being fired or laid-off, because every month he would save a big portion of his earnings from his job to savings and to the development of his casino project. After getting fired from his day job at the casino, he spent another two or three months finalizing his online casino project before it was ready to go. With the assistance of a man that he hired on a contractual basis, he was able to build a large user-base of about 6500 regular users who spent a healthy five figure amount every month on gambling in various games such as black jack, poker, and baccarat.

Eventually, Mr. Higgins sold his online casino to a physical casino who saw tremendous value in it. Unfortunately, the casino who bought it was not the same casino that Mr. Higgins worked for although that would have made for a very interesting and unexpected story! After selling the casino, Mr. Higgins decided that he was tired of living in Las Vegas. He had been here his entire life and needed a change of scenery. He wanted to live in a city that was much more cultured with much more historic scenery instead of the highly artificial culture of Las Vegas. He did a ton of research and looked at a bunch of different cities and countries within Europe before he decided to move to Brussels, a large, diverse city in the country of Belgium.

Once in Brussels, Mr. Higgins decided to create a company that would help businesses create, develop, and market online, internet-based casinos. He took nearly all of the funds from the sale of his online casino and used it to hire a team of full-time employees and to pay for the miscellaneous start-up expenditures of creating a full-service company. This was a transformative time in his life where he was not only dealing with the novelty of living in a new city, but he was also dealing with the novelty of creating his first real business with employees. He was definitely far removed from his comfort zone.