i trader marketing collaboration

Atomic Web Design is specialized in the online marketing of online casinos. However, we are also trying to expand our services within different markets and industries. With the help of multiple different programs, we are now able to reach the new market that we are interested in: the cryptocurrency industry. This resulted in a previous collaboration together with i trader, a professional trading platform that is active in trading related services. After developing their platform, we also helped this company with attracting more users to build up an audience that is regularly active in trading. During our project together with i trader, we used our specialized CPA marketing strategy, that is a highly effective tool to build up an user base. Companies will only pay for new users that are registered at the trading platform. In order to build up this user base, it became very important to set up a deal before starting the collaboration.

Besides working for i trader with the help of the CPA marketing strategy, we also offered to help them with creating copies, landing pages and online marketing campaigns. This is something that needs to be done in order to increase your popularity online. Together with our marketing team, we created a great campaign that we used to introduce i trader to a wider scale of audience.

While setting up a marketing strategy based on the type of business, Atomic Web Design always starts with an intake. We will ask questions about the main targets, which kind of audience you would like to attract and how many users you would like to achieve. This is also what happened with i trader, since this was our first assignment in the crypto business. After the results came in, we were fully prepared to start with their marketing project.

For this company we started with creating landing pages, advertisements, sales copies and social media activities. Social media is now one of the priorities while setting up a great marketing strategy. In most cases, a company isn’t aware of the value of social media. When a company is active on social media, the chance of increasing your online visibility is very big. Thankfully, Atomic Web Design is an experienced marketing agency with professional skills in social media and content creation. We have created various social media channels for i trader in order to promote the company with the help of different sources. There is a big difference between the use of Twitter and Facebook and if you are aware of these differences, you can take advantage of that. Twitter users are often active in the business world. Facebook however, is a more personal platform for people that are looking for more interaction.

The project together with i trader is still ongoing, since the activities on the social media platform will always be a continuous project. The overall goal of Atomic Web Design is to provide i trader everything that they need to have their platform up and running. This platform has been built to perfection, so that their users are comfortable with using this trading system. If you happen to be working in the crypto business and would like to discuss marketing strategies or possibilities, we would be very happy to provide you with our many marketing services.