Client testimonial: ComeOn

“We were definitely blown away with the work that Atomic Web Design was able to do for us. What we needed was a total re-design of our online casino to not only make it feel like more of a “Web 2.0ish” company, but to also allow the website to work extremely well on other devices, particularly mobile devices. The website runs very smoothly with very little to no lag in page loading time. We were also very impressed with the dynamic background of the homepage of he website that “moves around” as the user moves his cursor and makes it feel as if the user is inside of a sports bar. It’s a really awesome feature that we didn’t know can be done! We will recommend your services to our colleagues!”

Client testimonial: Casumo

“Atomic Web Design is one of the most creative agencies we have worked with to date. They were able to create multiple different games that are very different from what users expect from an online casino. We also love the way they structured our website to say everything is organized by category. Our users have no problem finding the right game that they want to play and can easily move on to a different game if they get bored with the game they are currently playing. We hope to work with Casumo again in the future.”

Client testimonial: LeoVegas

“We are pretty delighted with the services rendered by Atomic Web Design. They obviously specialize in web development for online casinos and know what it takes to design and build one that looks and feels fantastic. We love the ‘Vegasy‘ feel of our website. It really helps put our users in the right state of mind and helps them have the right feel for what our website is and does. We are glad we went with Atomic Web Design for the development of our online casino. Thanks!”

Client testimonial: BGO Casino

“Unfortunately, Atomic Web Design seemed to have forgotten to make our website responsive. We clearly asked them to do so via our written instructions. We are really bummed out about this because, based on the appearance of our website, we know that they have a talented team of web designers. We told them that 60% of our user base come from people using a mobile device, but I don’t know why they completely neglected to design for smaller screens like smartphones and tablets. We appreciate their work, but we probably won’t work with BGO Casino again in the future. They need to learn how to follow directions”

Client testimonial: Mr Green

“There’s a reason why we were voted the best online casino for three consecutive years. Obviously, the look and feel of a website have a significant impact on whether users choose us for their gambling needs or choose a competitor. Atomic Web Design created a very sophisticated design, which we believe had a major impact on the quality of users that come to our online casino. We have a tendency to attract some very high profile users, many of whom spend in the five-figure per month range on gambling. This definitely would not be possible if it weren’t for a very high class, professional design. We also very much enjoy the choice of colors, which we left up to the discretion of Atomic Web Design. They knew exactly what colors and backgrounds to use to make the website come across as a trustworthy website for online gambling.”